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In the summer of 2014, Michael Trozera of Pro Quality Contracting, Inc. and his “Team,” installed a solar electric system on my home. The roof inspection, repair and correction of existing roof problems, installation of the solar electric system, and the monitoring system were all performed in a very professional, competent, and timely fashion. 

When necessary, minimal wall and roof penetrations were made as part of the installation. The repairs to these penetrations were professionally implemented. In fact, it is impossible today to determine where those necessary holes were made in the exterior and interior walls. 

A major concern of mine, of course, was the penetrations through the roof. I am happy to report that with the rain storms we experienced this past spring, there were absolutely no leaks. Because of the monitoring capability installed with my system, I have a daily report on the performance and output of my solar panels. 

All in all; it was a fast, painless, and exciting experience. Not only do I have a solar electric system but also the comfort of knowing my roof is in excellent shape for years to come. The best part is that I have not had to pay SDG&E (the highest electric rates in the state of California) one cent for electricity since my system went on line. In fact through my net metering agreement which Michael helped me effect, I expect that SDG&E will owe me for the excess electricity my system produces. But don’t feel too sorry for SDG&E. That excess electricity went back into the electrical grid which they will sell to others for a huge profit. 

This is one of the best investments I have made in my home. With my savings on electrical bills, I expect my system will pay for the purchase within 10 years. Also, it has increased the value of my home. 

Thank you Michael (and your Team) for a job well done.

Chet Kent

ProQuality Contracting did an outstanding job putting up our solar system. A total of 3 weeks from contract signature to fully operational and saving energy. What I particularly liked was now professional they were. At the close of every evening the crew would pack up and clean up and it as if they were never there. No mess left behind. The crew were all very polite and respectful of us and of our home. They were very thorough after everything was connect to be sure I understood how the system worked and how to monitor our system. We are particularly glad that we made it within the NEM 1.0. I would strongly encourage ProQuality Contracting for your Solar needs.

Dennis Casarez

I have used Michael Trozera and ProQuality Contracting several times for my home improvement projects. Most recently they replaced our roof and installed a solar power system. In all aspects of the project my expectations were exceeded. We now enjoy near zero SDG&E bills! I really feel they did a very professional job. I wanted to use a smaller company because I felt Michael had our best interests in mind. I felt that we were just a number to the bigger companies. I highly recommend ProQuality for your solar, remodeling, and home repairs. Thank you Michael and the ProQuality team!

Mark H.

Michael and his team of subcontractors were both professional and courteous. He provided us a wide variety of options for financing our new solar PV system. The quality of workmen and their professional decorum on the job was both high and rare. Their coordination with SDG&E and the city of Escondido for the permitting process was both proactive and preemptive which caused the job to be completed ahead of schedule. The city dropped in a last minute requirement that was unworkable and the electrical contractor immediately went to the building department and worked it all out without any delay of the work schedule. The system has worked perfectly and fully to our expectations since the first day installation was completed with no need for follow up re-installation
or replacement. 

I highly recommend ProQuality Contracting for installation of your solar PV system. I have had other friends interview them and select other contractors (some very well known) and regret their decision. They have specifically stated to me they wish they had hired Michael and had the experience that we did. The jobsite was always clean. Michael followed up daily to check on the progress of the job. I have been involved in many construction jobs at a variety of levels and this was one of the most well run jobs I've ever been a part of. Both my wife and I are glad we hired Michael.

Randall R.

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